The man originated in this world along with plants and herbs and animals. He learnt to eat fruits and grains for his livelihood. Through the vast knowledge of Siddhars who were superhumans with super natural power and wisdom, taught the human to heal their ailments by the use of nature’s gift like plants and herbs. This is the origin of herbal medicines. The findings of Siddha saints on the characteristic of herbal plants , metals, minerals animal products and their knowledges of properties of drugs, its purification, dosage, medicine preparations, considered to be marvellous and precious treasures were preserved in the form of verses in manuscripts, for the use of future generations.

Organizational Structure

To serve people eminently quality-wise, the MSS ASAN & SON herbal house, the parent company decided to split the services since more than 5000 species of herbs are available in the herbal trade. Accordingly above diagram shows as follows:

Is our parent company who deals in raw drugs and home herbal remedies.

Is conducting 100% exports of herbs and herbal Medicines.

Is manufacturing herbal medicine as per ISO standards.

Is handling Agmark Honey and other Herbal related products.

Handling consultations and treatments with herbal massages and rejuvenation therapies.

Helping the poor and the downtrodden people by free medical camps. Helping the poor by scholarships for educational etc.,

Doing online selling of herbal medicines.