We are periodically conducting FREE MEDICAL CAMPS at various places in India with the help of expertised Doctors in Indian medicines of our Institution. In some camps even we engage some famous Siddha and Ayurvedha practicing Doctors at our expense.

          Downtrodden and poor people of the area where free medical camps located get good treatment and freed from their chronic diseases. The public support to this noble mission is unbelievable. So 'good will' of the public increase on our organization day by day.

          The betterment of human well being especially of the weaker sections of the society is our target.  Service to humanity is service to God.  Without any brakes, we are regularly doing these work because of the kindness and philanthropic nature of the founder of this organization "Dr. M. Siva Subramaniam Pillai".  All needy people are requested to avail these benefits.